Heat Records Its Highest in Toronto

Toronto seems to be continually receiving Extreme Heat alert and Mother Nature has ranked a heat record for the second day in succession.

On this date when the Second World War in 1944 was going on, the temperature hit 30.6 c.

Wednesday afternoon Toronto surpassed it by hitting 31.4 C at Pearson Airport.

All outdoor hot spots in Toronto were greatly populated with those taking in the strangely warm May weather.

A huge lot of Torontonians visited the beach, parents and children enjoyed splash pads, and others used some excuse they could possibly think of to get a day off from work.

Matt, who said he was working from home, doubted if Wednesday was a signal of things to come for summer 2010.

He said that he was worried that might be people will start to spontaneously combust. He also said that he stocking a hoard of sunscreens because he is worried about the time to come.

The mere thing cool in relation to the day was the temperature of Lake Ontario, but sunbathers at a crowded Woodbine Beach did not let that overpower their enjoyment.

During a heat alert, the community is encouraged to make a call or visit family, friends and neighbors, particularly lonely adults and seniors, who are at larger peril of suffering from heat-related illness, during an Extreme Heat Alert to confirm that they are fine.