Marc Jacobs Desired to Get Rid of Louis Vuitton’s Monogram Print Initially, Realized Mistake Later

Marc Jacobs wished to get rid of Lois Vuitton’s monogram priny when he initially joined the French fashion house however soon realized that it was his mistake.

The designer, who at present is the Creative Director of this fashion house, was not very much in favor of keeping the firm’s logo when he started there around 12 years ago although very soon he realized that he would have committed a mistake had he lost it from the collections.

He said that when he arrived at Louis Vuitton almost 12 years back, he was trying to figure out how to form a new tier of Vuitton for a different client.

He said that it would be very clever to hide the monogram, which definitely was very stupid of him to even think of. That logo is the one important component that makes Louis Vuitton what it is today. It gives people inspiration to its members.

Even though there are a number of fake Louis Vuitton bags available, Jacob is upbeat that this label will continue to remain desirable by the clientele because it is known for the quality of bags it offers.

Times Newspaper was told by him that the original Louis Vuitton will remain at the level of its quality and attention that it gives to the details.

It is all about display and when it is out of management, it gets disastrous. You can either relish and take pride in your appearance in an intelligent way or simply be ashamed of it.