Kansas Physician and His Wife Charged of Prescribing Faulty Medication

A Kansas physician Dr. Stephen Schneider who is charged with unlawfully prescribing drugs, health care fraud and money laundering, revealed at is trial that he never intentionally gave medication to anyone that would harm them.

He along with his wife is charged in a 34-count indictment and their clinic is linked to 68 overdose deaths. According to four indictments, they provided illegal prescriptions which led to 21 deaths. They may face lifetime imprisonment if convicted.

The defense opened its case by putting the doctor on the stand on Wednesday, to depict him as a caring physician who took in poor Medicaid patients whom no one else wanted to treat. Defense attorney Lawrence Williamson challenged the fact that those patients actually died of overdoses.

Schneider said, "It is very sad, very sad for anybody to lose their life. I really feel if I had any opportunity I could have saved their life, and missed it, I regret that... I would never have written them another prescription if I thought it was going to hurt them".

Williamson tried to oppose Government allegations that the doctor extorted huge amount of money from its patients. Instead he added that his clinic was one of the few clinics willing to take Medicaid patients.