British scientist infects himself with computer virus

A British scientist contaminated an electronic chip and then inserted it into his hand to stake a claim that he is the first human being on earth infected with a computer virus.

Dr. Mark Gasson at the University of Reading infected himself deliberately with a computer virus to show how implantable bionic devices are vulnerable to computer viruses.

There was a device called RFID chip in Dr. Gasson’s arm. Dr. Gasson and his colleagues created a virus for the chip. When Dr. Gasson went into the lab, computers read the code and the virus implanted itself into the database and started replicating. The virus was also able to replicate itself on others’ swipe cards.

The experiment showed that viruses can be transferred wirelessly from implant devices to the computers they communicate with.

The experiment also showed that people with pacemakers, deep brain simulators etc. could be in trouble if a virus infects their implant devices.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Gasson said, "There are very serious implications for medical devices. Imagine if someone developed a virus that stopped a pacemaker working."