Palau Health Minister Stands By Ban on Betel Nut Chewing

Palau’s Health Minister says that standing firm by prohibiting betel nut chewing is in the best health of people’s wellbeing and the milieu.

Dr. Stevenson Kuartei says that chewing betel nut, frequently coalesced with tobacco use, results in oral and several other kinds of cancer, and chronic sicknesses such as hypertension and cardiovascular ailments.

He says that not only is there most often a large cost to one’s physical condition, but clearing out spit left by betel nut chewers is also proving expensive.

Dr. Stevenson says, “Any kind of hygienic hazards and also the spitting on the ground and spitting on the premises and in trash cans - it’s a big issue for us. It also leads to expenses”.

Dr. Kuartei says that there has been a lot of discussion, so the Ministry is now taking the front and expects to begin the chew free interdict from 1st July.

Palau’s Health Minister Stevenson Kuartei is to forbid betel nut chewing at the Ministry for Health.

Betelnut chewing is one of the chief causes of tooth and gum problems and the Minister feels that it’s time for the Ministry to take a stand.

He aims to make the Ministry, its hospice, clinics and all automobiles betelnut chew-free zones.