Australia Hit by Deadly Stomach Virus Clostridium Difficile

A deadly stomach virus Clostridium difficile has, after killing thousands, now knocked the doors of Australia. The bacterium was diagnosed in three patients at Melbourne's Epworth Hospital.

This infection is caused by a high virulent strain of bug named “Quebec strain”. The bug has earlier created troubles for people in Britain, North America and Europe over the last decade.

The Quebec strain was christened from an epidemic in 2003 and it resulted in sickening 7,000 people and killing 1,300. And during that period, the mortality rate for the patients above 60 years was 10% higher.

Epworth Hospital Executive Medical Director Megan Robertson informed that the very first detection in Australia was in February this year, following which testing and notification were issued to the Victorian Department of Health.

Dr. Robertson said three cases had been confirmed, of whom two had fully recovered and one was under treatment. She also suspected that the reason behind not noticing the strain could be that its existence in wider Australian community is unknown or it can be the lack of testing.

As infection has now been detected in the country, prevention and control protocols have been fastened. Doctors are asking the residents to be more careful as the strain can cause serious diarrhea.