Public Against Elevating Fluoridation in Water Supplies in Kaitaia, Kaikohe

Following the public opinion on the fluoridation collected through a poll, the water supplies in Kaitaia and Kaikohe will be delivered unfluoridated.

After the poll, the Far North district councillors said that they will try to manage the amount accordingly. The postal survey collected opinion for 5,000 households

It was revealed in a household fluoridation poll that most of the households in the towns deny wanting water fluoridation. The response was received only from 816 or 16% households, as others returned the survey forms.

It was found that in Kaitaia, 298 households or 56% of respondents admitted that they were against adding fluoride to the water supply and 231 households or 44% were in favour of fluoridation.

On the other hand, 191 households or 67% in Kaikohe did not want the council to increase the level of fluoridation in the town and 96 household or 33% wanted it.

According to Fluoride Action Network Spokesman Mark Atkin, the result of the survey of rejecting fluoridation is a wise decision as it is an "illegal medical experiment", if considered under the Bill of Rights Act.

The survey was a decision of councillors who in February stated that they will stick to what majority of people want and will consider the matter in the council's annual plan.

If the council does not opt for fluoridation, they will have to refund a $232,700 subsidy to the Health Ministry.