Woman Airlifted After Diving Accident

A woman was airlifted after getting sick while doing scuba diving. The incident took place at Longstone Island in the Farne Islands. The victim’s name has not been released but she was suffering from decompression sickness as she made a rapid ascent and missed decompression stops while scuba diving. This is a potentially fatal condition.

The woman was injured while scuba diving and help was summoned as a dive charter boat called for help around 11:30 a. m. An inshore lifeboat crew and a RAF Boulmer rescue helicopter arrived soon and assisted in the rescue of the injured woman. The patient was rushed to a hyperbaric chamber located at a hospital in Hull.

Ian Clayton, Operations Manager, Seahouses, agreed that this is a common diving incident and can be treated easily in most of the cases. He stressed in this case also a swift response meant that the woman was rescued quickly and transferred to a hospital. He was also optimistic that the woman will soon recover from her condition.

A lot of people suffer from these problems while scuba diving. Almost half the people with this condition show symptoms in less than 1 hour after diving. Others complain within the next six hours while all the victims, in case they are suffering from any problem, report it within 24-48 hours.

The reason for this condition is that nitrogen bubbles released while resurfacing cause damage by mechanically obstructing blood flow.