More Women in Their 40s Bearing Kids Than Ever

Health specialists have warned against the tendency of women waiting longer in order to start a family.

More women in their 40s at present are bearing kids than ever it has happened before. This was known after seeing official statistics. This trend is development of opening the debate regarding the health perils that are involved with bearing kids or becoming pregnant in an older age.

The tendency has pushed the standard age, at which, a woman bears a kid to 29.4, which is the highest ever.

Though there was only a tiny age increase on the preceding year, when the standard age was 29.3, it is a full year older than the 28.4 that had been recorded a decade ago.

The amount of women in England and Wales that are aged 40 or more giving birth reached 26,976 in 2009, which is the uppermost ever since records started, as per the Office for National Statistics' yearly fertility information.

That was only a miniature boost on the 26,419 that was recorded in the year 2008, but it kicked the general trend, which saw the foremost plunge in the figure of live births since 2001.

Altogether, there were 706,248 live births in England and Wales in 2009, as contrasted with 708,711 the year prior, where a fall of 0.3% was seen.