Praises Shower for Keeping Hospital Clean but Told to do More

Health officers and chiefs have been showered with a lot of praise for keeping the ageing Western General Hospital tidy but have been cautioned that they must work harder to keep it even cleaner.

The Craigleith hospital was given out a ‘satisfactory’ score following its authorized examination but issues with the space between beds and amenities for patients in seclusion were brought out while informing the hospital authorities about the shortcomings.

Health officers have pledged to bring further improvements in some the debatable areas however also stated that shortcomings could not be evaded in a busy hospital such as this one.

In the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate report, inspectors commended employees that were successful in managing the keep up of 600-beds in the hospital in good condition regardless of the ageing buildings.

On the other hand, in ward two, which is a clinical cancer ward, there the beds were found to be under the required meter apart.

In one more area, patients, who were supposed to be kept in seclusion, were being kept in cubicles that had been separated only by a shade or curtain.

The level of hygiene maintained was something that received praise for the hospital but was told to do more for making further improvements.