Medicare Reforms Expected Improve Healthcare System in US

Analysts and healthcare professionals are agreeing that the new health insurance reform will benefit the region's emergency departments with increase in the demands.

However, the exact impact on the finances has been not been determined, as of now. Some experts have also opined that insuring more and more people may result into uncompensated care.

This idea has also inspired the medicare sector to reduce the payments for the hospitals.

E. W. Tibbs, Vice President, operations, for Lynchburg-based Centra, said, "Any answer beyond that would be speculative and based off of assumptions that have yet to be determined".

Tibbs added that many new regulations need to be framed under the new healthcare system. He said that along with the expansion in the health insurance coverage, the basic care networks will also have to expand else the emergency department will remain overcrowded always.

The Medicare system needs to observe improvements in the hospital delivery system and primary care.

Medicare is looking forward to alter the pay system for the hospitals in order to ensure savings in the Medicare program.

The new reform also seeks to introduce a Medicare pilot program to keep a check on bundling payments for a care period.