Awareness Improves About Blood Pressure

There are still a lot of Americans with high blood pressure but most of the people with this condition are trying to keep it under control. Increased blood pressure can lead to heart attack, stroke and other cardiovascular problems and is considered one of the most important challenges facing public health in US.

The good news is that most of the people who are suffering from this condition are making efforts to control it. A study has found that from 27% people who were able to control their blood pressure the number has jumped to 50%. A lot of improvement has been witnessed after the year 2000. People are also more aware about this condition and almost 72% of people with this condition are seeking some kind of treatment for improvement.

There are still a lot of Americans suffering from high blood pressure. Around 65% of Americans suffer from this condition which is almost 29% of the total population.

The cases of high blood pressure are more prevalent in southeastern United States. Health experts feel that more efforts are needed to ensure that the number of people suffering from this problem is brought down.

Experts feel that the emphasis needs to be prevention rather than treatment. It is also important to take a more balanced diet and keep weight under control.