Government Circular on NHS Reorganisation

It has been reported that Government has passed the plan to reorganize NHS in England with Strategic Health Authorities.

A spokesman for the Department of Health said, "The board will combine functions currently provided by the Department of Health and Strategic Health Authorities, and deliver these in a much more streamlined way.

Doctors and patients will be given more power and responsibilities, replacing the "top-down" approach from central Government.

Till then, Strategic Health Authorities would continue maintain financial control and performance, and driving improvements in quality and productivity.

SHAs play a vital role in making sure that there are no shortfalls or gaps in healthcare provision across a region and nationally and in overseeing standards. The process of change will begin with SHAs themselves, where there will be a clearer split between their commissioner and provider responsibilities.

This time people will be encouraged to take personal responsibility for their own health, and public health funding will be protected through ring-fenced budgets.

Incentives scheme will be started so that GPs can to focus on improving people's health through preventive measures, while NHS organisations will be paid according to how well they do on outcomes.

Local planning in the NHS which is currently done by Primary Care Trusts will also change if family doctors took over part of that work.

The Government has also established an independent commission which will report within a year. It will look at the options for providing long-term care for the elderly and those in need.