Nurse Accused of Duping a Patient of $2,000

District court has accused a senior staff nurse at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) of cheating a patient of S$2,000 on Monday.

According to information, the nurse, Mong Kok Peng, found the patient, Mr. Wong Boon Pow, having two S$1,000 notes while he was helping the patient change his clothes on January 8, 2009.

Wong alleged that he kept the money and did not register them to IMH staff because he feared the loss of money. Mong, therefore, assured Wong that he would deposit the money with IMH and took the money from the patient. Mong also said that he would return the money as soon as Wong is discharged from the hospital.

It has been known that throughout the day, the patient asked Mong four times about the money and every time he said that the money was safe with the IMH and that he will get the cash back upon his discharge.

It has also been reported that the next day Mong lost the money while he invested in horse racing at the Singapore Turf Club.

In the meanwhile, Mong's colleagues informed him that the patient was being discharged and that he was enquiring about some money.

Mong completely denied taking any money from the patient but in the court his offence was proved on June 14.