Spider Bite Leads to Removal of Breast

A bite from a brown recluse spider was the beginning of a painful experience for a 51-year-old Georgia woman who not only had to get her breast removed but also had to spend 11 days in coma.

Initially ignorant about the fact that she had been bitten by the spider on her left breast, Victoria Franklin only realised it over a week later when she suffered from severe nausea and vomiting. The effect of the bite was so much that her infected breast started to smell and turn black.

"It was like a stench, like I want to say, like rotten eggs or something like that, but it was stronger and I couldn't take it anymore," said Franklin. Franklin finally got admitted to Wellstar Windy Hill Hospital in Paulding County, Ga. Finding it had got ravaged by gangrene, her breast was removed, following which she slipped into coma for 11 days.

Her breast was three times the size, black as tar and had a horrible smell, said Valerie Dapaa, 51, who took her nearly unconscious sister to the hospital.

Franklin, who wants others to learn from her experience, said if people have spiders, and they know they have spiders like she knew, she wants them to be very aware and get their houses exterminated.