Childhood Cancer Survivors Suffer Ill Health Throughout Life

A study has claimed that cancer-surviving children grow with a weaker health. When they become adults, they lack in the amount of energy required in various activities like eating, dressing, etc.

The researchers further claim that this weakness affects the productivity of these adults.

The researchers have suggested the medical community to pay extra attention on the child cancer survivors so that they encounter the least of the troubles when they grow old. The risks remain associated for these kids forever.

The issue is of vital importance in view of the rising number of child cancer survivors because of earlier detection and effective technologies and medication.

The lead author of the study, Emily Dowling, MHS, is from the National Cancer Institute. His team examined the data related to the cases of 410 adults who had survived cancer in their childhood. Also, the researchers examined the data on 294,641 adults who had no records of cancer in their childhood.

After completing a comparative analysis, the researchers found that the cancer survivors were weaker than the latter in almost every aspect.

“Our study suggests that adult survivors of childhood cancer deserve special medical attention and may benefit from interventions to improve their health and productivity,” said Dowling.