US Safety Regulators Issue Warning to Energy Companies

US safety watchdogs have given a strict caution to the petrochemical and energy industries, saying, "Your workers are dying on the job, and it has to stop''.

After a sequence of industrial mishaps, Jordan Barab, of the Federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration, said that something is definitely wrong. The status quo is not functioning.

In the last three months alone, 58 employees have died in blasts, fires and collapses at factories, coal mines, an oil drilling rig and the building site of a gas-fired power station.

Eleven people got killed when a BP-contracted rig blasted on April 20 in the Gulf of Mexico, resulting in the overwhelming oil seep off the coast of Louisiana, which continues to flow.

Osha is especially worried regarding recent events at oil refineries, which have injured, burned or slaughtered employees.

Since BP's Texas City refinery blasted off in 2005, executing 15 people and scalding 170, Osha has calculated over 20 happenings of this type.

Security advisors and attorneys standing for some of the sufferers say that the supervisors must get stricter on the industry.

In 2005, Osha discovered over 300 "egregious, wilful violations" in Texas City.

Whilst BP did not confess culpability, it settled for an arrangement to a highest $21m penalty, and agreed to splurge $1bn on enhancing the refinery in the next five years.