Patient Care with Quarterback

JSA Medical Group is of the belief that it has been able to find a treatment for some of the ills of the health care system.

The medical association, which is one of the biggest in the Tampa Bay area, is making use of the patient-centered medical home replica, which adds coatings of 21st century technology to the customary family physician practices of the precedent times.

Under the model, a chosen contributor, in general a primary care physician serves as a patient’s quarterback, guiding a squad of experts and other health care suppliers and managing the care between varieties of physicians a patient seeks advice from.

Necessary elements comprise of more suitable access to care, for example making appointments offered on the similar day a patient makes a call, so as to put a request to be seen; electronic prescriptions and health records; and patient participation in wellness and prevention tricks.

The model holds an important promise for the betterment of quality of health, enhanced participation of patients in their own care and lessened avoidable expenses on health care over time.

It also signifies shifts in how physicians employ their practices, and how insurance Companies repay them for health care.