Insufficient Housekeeping Services behind Clostridium Difficile Epidemic

Infection-control authority with the Vancouver Island Health Authority is accounted to have indicted inadequate housekeeping services behind the fatal 2008 outburst of Clostridium difficile at Nanaimo Regional General Hospital.

Nanaimo is told to start procedure on one of the 10 locations across Vancouver Island, together with four in the Victoria region, as VIHA struggles with its harm- reduction policy steered in the direction of avoiding the swell of contagious diseases amongst drug consumers, like Hepatitis C and HIV.

60 probable distribution points throughout the Island were supposedly found by VIHA; though, only 10 will be directed as the first stage of the harm-reduction model seizes its grip.

Some members of the community inquired the efficacy of the private housekeeping supplier, Compass Group Canada; though, VIHA undertook a second five-year bond in 2009.

VIHA disclosed this week that it is in quest of another private Company to capture the agreement for housekeeping and food practices for Island hospices and housing care facilities.

VIHA said, "We need to find a provider to consistently hit quality standards that are written into the contract and that we would expect everywhere in the province".

Compass workers are charged to not possess sufficient skills needed to utilize toxic chemicals, which lead to hair loss, nose swelling, respiratory problems, and skin irritation.