Nursing Moms Revolt

The month’s start witnessed question related to breastfeeding prompting largely different answers from a south Winnipeg mother and a city worker, at a public pool.

Ocean and her mom, Jenna Baker, were reportedly held at the centre of the mass "nurse-in" at Pan Am Pool Friday night that attracted huge backing from local women in favor of a recent incident where staff accused Baker breastfeeding was "offensive”.

She was breast-feeding her 11 month old daughter, named Ocean, after a swimming class. When they got over, a female worker at the pool came to Baker, accusing her that what she did was offensive. Consequently, the 28 year old now seeks to file a human rights complaint.

“Yes breast feeding in public is okay; we need to continue doing so to remind everybody about the natural functions of our bodies, to feed and nurture our bodies; and it’s definitely not an offensive act,” quoted Baker Friday.

In addition, Baker seeks that the event would be successful in raising awareness regarding woman's right to breastfeed anytime, anywhere and extends a notion among Manitobans that feeding a child is completely natural and healthy.

Mayor Sam Katz later was reported to have called Baker to give an apology for the incident, which triggered off a debate over a sensitive issue on the Free Press website and letters to the editor section.