Study Claims Marriages Don’t Last Long if Husbands are Happier than Wives

A recent study has revealed that in those marriages where men remain less relaxed and happy, most of the times, there is lesser likelihood of a divorce.

On the contrary, claim the researchers, if the husband remains happier than the wife, the knot is more likely to split.

The research team analyzed a number of wedding ties across three countries and found that the Difference in happiness has a deep impact on the risk of break-up. The greater is the gap in the happiness of the husband and the wife, the greater are the chances of splitting.

This phenomenon was essentially found justifiable in those cases where the husbands were found happier than wives. Here, the unhappy wives initiate the divorces.

The results of the study were presented after the researchers conducted a deep analysis on the lifestyle satisfactions of marries couples in Britain, Germany and Australia.

It was found that that the main factors causing happiness gap were wife’s household work overload or difference in social backgrounds or incomes of the two.

But the gap was closed when couples were matched in social backgrounds, if they had a common religion, if the chores were shared or if the woman was a housewife, a student or retired.

Dr. Cahit Guven, one of the researchers and an expert in wellbeing and economics from Deakin University, Australia, said that marriage ties last longer when both the spouses are as happy with marriage as they are with life.

"Previous studies have shown that couples who marry with similar levels of schooling, age, country of origin, ethnicity, religion and social background have longer marriages", he added.