Council Left Child Abuse Victims Forgotten for Assessment for Over a Month

An inquiry has recently revealed that nearly 230 child abuse victims were left forgotten by agency staff at Peterborough City Council and were not sent for any services, for over a month.

Every week, the council witnesses nearly 200 transfers of children. Out of those 200, half are usually sent to social workers.

The inquiry claims that this time, the temporary staff has reportedly sent only 10% reports to the social workers. The audit was released on Friday.

The children were left waiting for nearly two weeks for being assessed by a social worker, instead of being sent immediately after admission.

Three departmental managers and three social workers were dismissed after the revelation.

Although no cases of further harms done to the children during the waiting period have been reported, yet the act will be considerd misconduct, said the officials.

The audit commenced in January and undertook a number of meetings between the staffers and the council members. Soon a huge pile of backlogs was discovered.

Councillor Sheila Scott, council cabinet member for children's services, said that she was awe-struck when she came to know about the mistakes.

"Children’s social care is the most challenging work there is, it's just shocking reading about what can happen to vulnerable children,” she said.