Federal Government Introduces New Program

It was seen that the Federal Government had introduced a new program that would replace the old Food Mail subsidy program.

It was announced by the Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs Canada, Chuck Strahl that Nutrition North Canada would be taking over the existing program that delivered food to remote communities at a subsidized cost.

In the new program, the Feds would be providing subsidies on fresh foods directly to the retailers and wholesalers.

According to Strahl, the new program was more cost-effective and would comprise a provision to access commercially produced traditional foods.

It was noticed that the individuals and institutions in entitled communities would be able to place orders and receive the subsidy.

Around 31 communities including Nahanni Butte and Wek'weti would no longer eligible for the subsidy under the Nutrition North Canada, whereas other 26 communities would be entitled for only a nominal subsidy starting in 2011.

It was seen that Minister Strahl had chosen Elizabeth Copland to chair an advisory board so that they could receive the input from Northerners on the subsidy program.

"These organizations are in the best position to negotiate the lowest transportation rates possible and to ensure that food is shipped in a timely manner, so that consumers have better quality and fresher food with a longer shelf life", said Strahl.