Food Allergies Seen in 30% of the Americans

It was seen that around 30% of Americans suffered from food allergies. According to a recent study commissioned by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, it was seen that the actual number was close to 5%.

According to MIT chemical engineer Christopher Love, there were better way to diagnose such allergies. With his new technology the immune cells could be analyzed that were taken from patients.

According to Love, an Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering, with the help of this technology doctors one day would be able to diagnose food allergies with the help of simple blood test that would be faster and more reliable.

"With a large number of diagnoses, it's ambiguous. A lot of times it's almost circumstantial whether you're allergic to one thing or another", said Love.

It was seen from the NIAID study that published May 12 in the Journal of the American Medical Association that in the United States around 6% to 8% of children under four, and 4% percent of people five or older were suffering from one food allergy. The most common allergens were Milk, peanuts, eggs and soy.

It was informed that the food allergies happened when the body's immune system mistook a protein in food for something harmful.