Study: Saris Aid in Preventing Water Borne Ailments in Bangladesh

A new study conducted in Bangladesh has revealed that a simple sari can definitely help in preventing cholera. The act of filtering water with the assistance of a folded cotton sari can reduce the possibility of cholera and various other water borne ailments by around 48%.

Women that wear saris in the nation are now making use of this medium to sieve household water and safeguard their household from cholera.

Researchers claim that the people here are even offering help to a few neighbors that do not practice the same act of filtering water, so that, water borne diseases can be kept at bay.

This simple technique of sieving has proved to be very useful as 48% instances of people falling ill due to cholera had reduced.

The 5 year long reading carried out by Rita Colwell of the University of Maryland in College Park and contemporaries evaluated 7000 village women from Matlab, which is a small district in Bangladesh's Chittagong division.

Colwell said that a lot of people did not however practice the filtering act but since they lived in the vicinity of those who did practice it were seen to be informed and helped by the people that knew about the benefits of the practice.