Abdul Kalam: Youth Wake up and Eradicate Corruption

Ex-President, A P Kalam Azad has stressed that there is a serious need for an awakening amongst the youth of today in India to make sure that work hard to eradicate corruption from the country, make the Government free from corruption and its administration.

Describing the 54 crore youths of the nation as its largest asset, he stated that India will surely become a super power by the year 2020 if youngsters work hard towards the culmination of corruption.

He said that it is high time that youths wake up from their sleep and do something about challenging the faulty administration of Government, which is full of corruption and discrepancies.

He in addition to this said that the necessary requirements of a well doing nation are that people of this country remain healthy. They have enough wealth, agriculture, societal harmony can be maintained and the most important of all, peace and security.

Everyone should unite, come together, to make this nation turn into super power.

He was a part of a function organized in association with the National level Ramakrishna and Vivekanandha Devotees discussion that will be taking place here in December.

Swami Kamalanandha, Head of the Mutt at Madurai, was also present at the occasion.