New Medicine for Diabetes-Laughing Therapy

Laughing is the best medicine, this very old saying was proved right again by a new research which revealed that laughter can do as much good for your body as going for a run.

Forget rigorous workout schedules, finding humor in real life situations could be just enough to keep you hale and hearty.

The findings showed that volunteers who watched 20 minutes of comedies and stand-up routines experienced a dramatic drop in stress hormones, blood pressure and cholesterol. Their appetite was also stimulated just as it is with exercise.

"There's no doubt about it - the 'high' people get from mirthful laughter is very similar to the endorphin rush you get from light to moderate exercise," express. co. uk quoted lead researcher Lee Berk from Loma Linda University, California, as saying.

Even for diabetics, laughter can be the greatest medicine. In one study, people who watched a funny video during dinner had lower blood sugar levels after the meal compared to the people who watched a video of a lecture.

The anticipation of watching a video is sufficient to raise levels of feel-good endorphins and boost up amounts of a hormone that helps your immune systems fight infection.