About 20mph Speed Limit Observed by Bristol

It has been reported that the pilot 20mph zone now, authoritatively commences, hence parts of south Bristol drivers will have to driver slowly as of today.

The "inner south" zone incorporates most of Southville, Bedminster and Windmill Hill.

In the beginning Bristol City Council officers wanted to include only a few roads in the plan.

Although, after appeal was put forward by residents who support the idea, all roads within the pictured frontier are incorporated, with the exception of York Road, Clarence Road, Malago Road, St John's Lane and a 22m section of Dalby Avenue from its junction with Stafford Street.

The plan has cost taxpayers £250,000, regardless of the lack of CCTV or physical traffic soothing measures.

In September 2009, discussion on the pilot commenced and in February, the scheme was approved by the cabinet.

Last fortnight signs were put up informing drivers they are entering the 20mph zone, and 20mph signs have been painted in white circles on the road.

An eye was kept on the south Bristol area before the pilot started so council officers could observe what kind of discrepancy the reduced speed perimeter makes.

Former Executive Member for Transport Councillor, Jon Rogers, stated, “I hope people will enjoy the area becoming quieter and a much improved area to walk and cycle. Evidence from elsewhere, particularly Portsmouth, is that residents appreciate the changes. It would be a first if people campaigned against them once they are in”.