Foster Children Should Have Liberty to Take Decisions

It is a matter of great concern that foster children are being moved around foster carers, very frequently. For instance, a child was moved 11 times in seven years, as has been revealed by a report into the placement of children in care by the assembly's children and young people committee.

The members of the assembly shared that money should not be a hindrance in giving children proper care.

Children as well as young people narrated personal evidences that they had experienced this child placement system.

Chair Helen Mary Jones said, “This is a particular concern to the committee. We heard that since 2006 the number of children who had been placed three or more times within a year had dropped by four per cent”. She added that this drop is an indicator of improvement, but the Welsh Government should join hands with authorities and child welfare organizations to improve the figure.

As per the AMs' report, the committee found that, regardless of insight gained in working with children, foster carers were not involved in the decisions pertaining to the children in their care.

A foster child revealed it to the committee that he never voiced his opinion until he turned 16.

Ms. Jones shared that these weak children must be asked before taking any decision involving their future and that all children have different needs. She added, “By trying to squeeze them to fit into a rigid process we risk doing more harm than good”.