Young Girl of Sunshine Coast Ninth Confirmed Case for Hendra Virus

A young girl from Sunshine Coast is the latest confirmed case to have got into touch with the Hendra virus.

The girl is amongst up to nine persons who came into touch with a horse contaminated with the bug at a farm at Tewantin.

Today, The Courier-Mail said that the age of the girl is not known at this moment. Mike Gearing, the landlord of the property at which the tainted horse was jabbed on Monday, is positive that he will be fine.

Today, he is staying on his farm to keep a watch on a quarantined horse.

BIO Security Queensland analysed Mr. Gearing yesterday.

Nearly all of the nine alleged cases have already been examined.

They are anticipated to determine if they have the likely deadly virus in three weeks' time when one more test will be carried out.

It is deemed that Mr. Gearing requested the Department of Primary Industries not to block off his property in uptown Tewantin.

A mother and daughter possessed the horse, which was jabbed on Monday and the rest of the horses are under scrutiny.

Both of them usually went to Mr. Gearing's property to ride their horses.