Immense Pain in IBD Involved

Diane, 31, of Hamilton, has experienced contractions, bloating, insistent diarrhea, abdomen pain and common flu-like symptoms, that is linked with the sickness, ever since the starting of her high school at 14.

The Hamilton dweller and dental assistant, has been trying to live a normal life like others, ever since, but there are times when she cannot do any kind of work or meet people.

She often makes sure that she looks ok while she is out for some activity. This is why people usually do not realize that she may be in an excruciating pain because of the inflammatory bowel disease.

She cannot afford to define the kind of problem she goes through, where 30 times a day during bad flare-up keeps her locked up in her house and the social disgrace near Crohn's, but made a decision to speak out for World IBD day yesterday, in order to build consciousness.

The previous year, Diane had to miss a month of work following a bad outbreak caused infectivity, high fever and drying out, that forced her to be hospitalized for two-and-a-half weeks.

Two years previously, she had to be admitted to hospital once more following a fistula or abscess that formed because of having to go to the lavatory so many times.