Canadian Infant with Lymphatic Malformation to be Treated in New York this Friday

The scheduled life-changing-surgery of the two year old boy suffering from lymphatic malformation on his face has spread unrest in Canada. The surgery is not available in Canada, thus it has been scheduled in New York on Friday.

Sarah Deluca shared that she at once connected to the situation when she first heard of Maddox Flynn’s case, as her nephew Liam also suffered a similar problem of lymphatic malformation.

The doctor who treated Liam is the same who is going to perform Maddox’s surgery.

"He gave us a normal life without a lot of worry, whereas before left untreated it could really be damaging", said Liam's parents, Robb and Kate Thompson.

After 6 surgeries, the mass on Liam’s face has gone off. However, he still has a red scar on his face. The total bill produced in Liam’s surgery was about $80,000.

Deluca said that she is surprised with the amount of help provided by citizens of Edmonton to Maddox. Maddox's family is receiving donations from a number of citizens.

So far, the family had received $175,000 in donations. Not only residents but also business houses and organizations have donated to the family to help it meet the bill amount.