NHS Manager Awarded Compensation Money for Losing her Job for Being Too Old

An NHS manager has been rewarded with £187,000 as reimbursement money, after she received the pink slip, just because it was stated that she was too old for her job at the age of 56.

Linda Sturdy was fired two times within six months, when superiors deliberately broke employment bylaws by banning age bias.

Her hospital trust boss received criticism from a court judge, for trying to preserve the inexcusable and the NHS is liable to be landed with a bill of over £500,000 once legal fees are included in it.

Mrs. Sturdy, who is now 60, was the chosen contender for a chief role of running the breast screening service for 124,000 women until she let slip that she was just more than three years from attaining her retirement age.

A trust boss told her that it was not realized that she was so old and then was given a rejection for the better paid job in support of a 43 year old co-worker with 35 years less experience.

She was fired in the month of May 2008 after she refused to accept a more junior role.

Bosses once more failed to pursue the regulations when she was recalled the following September and made unnecessary on the similar day.