Foster Carers Praised for Their Work

Foster carers across East Sussex is reported to have been praised for the vital job they do extending a safe, secure and a loving home to hundreds of young people in need.

However, in taking the opportunity facilitated by Foster Care Fortnight (May 17-30) to cheer the commitment of carers to the young people, East Sussex County Council posts that it still face a requirement of more carers to look after certain groups of young people.

Specialism foster carers feature remand fostering, emergency care, neonatal care and mother and baby placements. Social workers extend assistance to prospective foster carers to consider which types will be the best match for their lifestyle and skills.

The carers have a say in the ages of the children they consider, and while some opt to do as small as one weekend a month for one child, others prefer for large sibling groups and more for months, or even years.

It cannot be denied that fostering needs certain skills and character traits, as observational and communication skills, optimism, confidence, patience, stability, energy and teamwork.

Cllr Meg Stroude, the county council's Lead Member for Children and Families, quoted, "They are people from a wide range of backgrounds and different circumstances but they have one thing in common – they are amazing people who offer love, understanding and guidance and deserve our thanks and praise”.