Scientists Discover Eye Test for Detecting Alzheimer's

In a recent achievement, scientists have discovered an eye test which is capable of detecting Alzheimer's years before the symptoms appear. They explained that a toxin protein develops in the brains of dementia patients causing memory impairment and disorder. The team has recently found that this toxin gets amassed in the eyes also.

Though the test will take a few years more to be availed, yet the discovery will enable the doctors to provide drugs for generating a sloth in the spread of the disease.

On an average, 800,000 Britons have been suffering from Alzheimer's and some other kinds of dementia, at present. As the new generation arrives, the number of cases will rise to double.

On a depressing note, no cure has been developed, so far, for the disease. Experts have only been able to slow down the growth of the disease. The stage of the disease is identified through memory tests and brain scans.

The recent study which concluded in 5 years has appeared in the journal PLoS One. It has presented an association between dementia and cataracts in patients of Down's syndrome.

"People with Down's syndrome develop symptoms of Alzheimer's-type dementia often by the age of 30", said Dr. Lee Goldstein, of Boston University's Alzheimer's Disease Centre.