Diet in Fad for Autistics Proves to Be of No Help

As per a new study, it has been able to establish that cutting out gluten and casein from what kids daily consume in their diet and the ones that suffer from autism showed no improvement on their behavior, sleep or bowel patterns.

The University of Rochester researchers toiled a lot to make sure that participants received enough nutrients, as kids on gluten free, casein free diets may possibly receive insufficient amounts of vitamin D, calcium, iron and good quality protein.

They as well kept under control various other involvements, to make sure that all made out, that the changes were because of alterations brought in diet.

However, no improvements could be seen, but the researchers confirmed that a few subgroups of children, mainly those with major gastrointestinal symptoms, may obtain some advantage from dietary alterations.

Principal researcher, Susan Hyman, M. D., Associate Professor of Pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital at the University of Rochester Medical Center said that it would have been really great for kids suffering from autism and their relatives if the researchers could find the GFCF diet could be of some benefit to the sufferers.

Though, the study did not comprise of those kids that had major gastrointestinal disease.