UK government to use BBC licence fee to fund super-fast broadband

The Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government has reportedly been moving ahead with plans to fund the installation of super-fast internet broadband in the country partly by using the BBC licence fee.

As per the new coalition government document, the government could use some of the TV Licence fee to fund super-fast broadband in areas which could not be covered by broadband providers alone.

The document stated, "If necessary, we will consider using the part of the TV licence fee that is supporting the digital switchover to fund broadband in areas that the market alone will not reach."

It is going to be the first time that the licence fee will be used to fund anything othere than the BBC. However, the move will allow the coalition government to ditch last government’s plans to impose a 50p monthly levy on every phone line to fund the super-fast broadband installation.

Meanwhile, the government is also planning to force the Corporation to make its complete accounts available to the National Audit Office.

The new broadband minister Ed Vaizey will supervise the roll-out of the super-fast broadabnd.