Australian Women In Need Of More Mental Toughness: Expert

Professor Donna Stewart is an international mental health expert who is leading a $5 million research project between the Melbourne and Toronto Universities.

According to her, the women in Australia need to be mentally more tough and strong. She urges the authorities to start a public health campaign that would to help women in cultivating greater resilience against mental illness and abuse.

She further adds that since women around the world have been victims of adversities such as abuse, there is a greater need for them to be protected against mental illness.

According to the reports, the research that is being conducted by Professor Stewart would look into at depth at the reasons of why some people recover quickly while others suffer more from mental illness.

She says that women need to be more vigilant and mentally agile to deal with any kind of situations.

She says that, "Hopefully by increasing resilience, one's going to see a lot less of the negative aspects of adversity, less depression, less anxiety, less post-traumatic stress disorder and I think one hopes too that the whole community will become more resilient".

Prof Stewart was appointed as the University of Toronto's Chair in Women's Health in 1995. She held the first such academic position in the world and she is also the immediate past president of the International Association for Women's Mental Health.

Currently she is the head of a Middle East-based project which seeks to create a comprehensive picture of women's health in Saudi Arabia.