AT&T Seeks to Cover Improvement Work in New York by End of Q3

AT&T Inc.’s Operation Chief has shared that the company is expected to complete its network improvements for New York by the end of its third Quarter, following the work in San Francisco in another 3 months.

The telecommunications Company has been working upon the upgradation of its network in New York and San Francisco, after facing a severe competition by Apple Inc.

It is important for the Company to regain its status, as it has also suffering the perception that it is lagging behind Verizon Wireless in network efficiency.

The improvement drive will enable the Company to launch new offers like tethering for the iPhone permitting the handset's signal to perform the functions of a modem.

John Stankey, Chief Executive of AT&T Operations, said, "It's taking longer than we'd like. The dynamics of San Francisco are different".

He added that the New York improvements are up to the mark while San Francisco work is lagging behind due to logistical complications.

The Company had reported a 6% dip in the number of dropped calls on its third-generation network. Stankey shared that he is looking forward to do away with the supply problems by the end of this summer. This will raise the work speed in San Francisco, he added.