Germany to Criminally Investigate the Google’s Data Collection for its Street View Archive

A criminal investigation has been launched by prosecutors in Hamburg against Google on Wednesday. This is related to the issue of collecting private Internet data by Google from unsecured Wi-Fi networks in Germany.

This legal action can prove trouble for the Google’s German headquarters, as the company will be forced to turn over one of the hard drive that was used in data-gathering procedure.

A deadline of May 26 has been posed by the German data protection officials, who on Monday said that Google must submit a hard drive that was used to accumulate information for its 360-degree Street View photo mapping archive.

The legal action will see if prosecutors state criminal charges against Google employees. This case initiated when a complaint was filed Jens Ferner, on Monday. Jens is a law student from Alsdorf, Germany and he wanted to make clear the German laws that governed the collection of data from unsecured wireless networks.

It was stated by Wilhelm Möllers, Spokesman for the Hamburg prosecutor’s office, in an interview that the case is in an “early stage” and that the whole procedure will reach conclusion in two or three weeks. The Spokesman also said that they are yet to decide whether or not it is a criminal case.

Google, on Friday admitted that it had unintentionally collected 600 gigabytes of data from unsecured Wi-Fi networks for its Street View archive due to a programming error.