Canada Needs to Contribute More through International HIV Prevention Efforts, Said Dr. Ronald

Dr. Allan Ronald addressed HIV/AIDS researchers regarding international HIV prevention efforts at CAHR's 19th Canadian Conference. He has recently received Red Ribbon Award for lifetime achievement from the Canadian Association for HIV Researchers (CAHR) on May 16.

He stated that the ongoing efforts are appreciable but he also stressed that “there is much more to be concerned about" as what nations lack is a unified strategy for HIV prevention.

Dr. Ronald is a renowned internal medicine and infectious disease specialist, who has been working in Uganda with the Academic Alliance for AIDS Care and Prevention in Africa since last ten years and has also been a professor emeritus at the University of Manitoba.

Dr. Ronald emphasized on the need of increasing the contribution for spreading awareness and reducing the infection in developing countries. He talked about this in the conference of 500 researchers during the weekend.

He gladly expressed that Canada has done more than what was expected of it. Noticeable Canadian inventions that Dr. Ronald highlighted included "invisible condom" for women that are a contraceptive gel for destroying pathogens in HIV and sexually transmitted disorders.

He also recommended that the annual money spent by Canadian International Development Agency on international HIV/AIDS programs, i. e., $142 million should be elevated to $500 million by 2014.

Ronald accused the Canadian Government of being very careless regarding international HIV prevention efforts.