New Laws on Tattooing and Body-Piercing Under Consideration

With the growing trend of children going in for tattoo and body piercings, The Health Ministry of Singapore has been forced to consider the laws on tattooing and body-piercing.

Reports suggest that, in the wake of widespread risk of infections from tattooing, Madam Halimah had asked the Health Minister Dr. Khaw to consider regulating the activity in order to allow only those who were registered to perform. It was further added that a minimum age limit should be for anyone who wishes to be tattooed.

Following the consideration, the Ministry of Health is currently reviewing the regulatory experiences of other countries for tattooing in order to adjudge whether Singapore should introduce some regulations or not.

Health Minister Khaw Boon Wan said that, "With more children going for tattooing and body-piercing, I understand the concerns of their parents. My ministry is reviewing the regulatory experience overseas to see if we should also introduce some regulations here, especially with a view to protecting the minors".

He further added that with the implementation of the enhanced infection control measures, no cases have been reported of a notifiable infectious disease that is linked to tattooing or body piercing.

According to the reports, only two cases of Hepatitis B were reported that were linked to tattooing in the 1970s.