Barefoot Runners Emerge Injury Free In the Long Run

History has witnessed that for millions of years humans have spent their entire lives barefoot. Runners have competed in marathons and have broken the 4-minute mile barrier, wearing only leather slippers.

Our feet are the creation of nature and a marvel that help in undertaking huge journeys and challenges.

To protect the foot, sometime in 1960s the modern running shoe was invented. Following the invention of the shoe, the foot became deficient that could not function without arch support and heel cushioning.

As per the experts, though the shoes are great for protecting the feet against rocks, broken glass, and other dangers, however, the shoes have considerably altered the way the feet operate.

While running the heel is built up in the back and is raised several centimeters above the forefoot, this observation was first made by Bill Bowerman, one of the founders of Nike.

He reasoned that a thick bit of rubber underneath the heel would force the runner to land on the heel and shift the weight forward, thereby improving efficiency.

His invention was very important that led to the growth of the modern shoe industry. With the invention of the modern running shoes, most people assume that landing on the heel must be the natural way of running.

But the latest information suggests that the sophisticated, expensive running shoes might actually be the problem and not the solution.

By implementing more and more barefoot activities, the problems in the foot can be completely cleared up.

Reports also highlight that for populations that habitually walk barefoot; the problems of the foot of the modern societies are unheard of.