Survey Reveals New Zealanders Favour Reducing Drinking Limit for Drivers

A survey has found that New Zealanders are in favour of reducing the amount drivers can legally drink before getting behind the wheel.

Last year Government had proposed to lower the legal blood-alcohol limit from 80mg to 50mg, which was also supported by the health experts. The last month's Law Commission report included 153 recommendations by the health experts on reducing alcohol-related harms.

A UMR Research survey revealed that about 70 per cent of respondents supported lowering the limit to 50mg. The survey also found that 9 per cent of men and seven per cent of women overvalued the amount the average person could drink prior to exceeding the current limit.

Ministry of Transport's estimate was given to the respondents about how much the average person could drink before exceeding the current limit, which are six standard drinks in 90 minutes. After that about 76% shared that they favored bringing the limit down to 50mg. The results further suggested that if the limit was lowered, many people would set their personal limit at two standard drinks or less.

About 58 per cent of men opined that more than two drinks would surpass a 50mg limit for the average man, while 47 per cent of women shared that more than one drink would exceed a 50mg limit for the usual woman.