Staff of Moray Hospice See String of Praises for their Contribution

Staff of Moray Hospital at the centre of superbug epidemic resulting in two casualty cases in the previous year has been commended for their contribution in halting the spread of infections.

Officers from the Healthcare Environment Inspectorate stated that they were content to discover Dr. Gray’s Hospital in Elgin hygienic and in a good state of revamp.

They praised employees for their infectivity management and control work and stated that they were making noteworthy progress in shielding patients, staff and visitors from bugs such as MRSA and Clostridium difficile, which had struck 18 patients last June.

Inspectors, who inspected the accident and emergency department, renal unit and five wards on April 7 and 8, stated that they were predominantly overwhelmed with the renovation of ward 10, which takes care of male patients, describing it as a good paradigm of how an old hospital can be improved to a very high standard, so as to lessen the multiplication of bugs.

Staff must ensure that the hygiene level in all the wards and departments is maintained to the beat level, so that, there are no cases of infectivity springing up again.

The hospital must be sufficient with the supplies for cleaning staff and provide the needed materials as soon as they fall short of them.