UK people are security oriented now

Social networking sites are having huge demand now a day. Each and every person in this world wants to be connected with different social networking sites. But many of them are unaware of the risk associated with these sites. Risks include data theft, data lost and misuse of valuable data. Now, users are getting more sensitive towards their online security, especially UK users.

Adults are thinking twice before exposing their information on social networking sites. This fact is based on a research done by OFCOM. According to the study, 80 % of grown-ups using networking sites are now limiting the admittance to their summary to friends and family only, in contrast to 48 % in 2007.

The rate of UK users in sharing their email id has slashed from 49 to 44%.In addition to this 51% people are searching secure symbols such as padlocks before exposing vital information. Possibility of security breach in Facebook has really hampered the faith of people on social networking sites. People are also not believing the information given on internet site as true or authentic. 31% of people believe on the accuracy of information in contrast to 51 % on television and 50 % on radio.