Gold iPad by Stuart Hughes

Enveloping the everyday electronic doodads, including the Apple iPad, with 22 carat gold and 53 individual diamonds; the 39 year-old luxury goods designer Stuart Hughes has the former into a must-have “bling” boys toys!

The Apple logo inscribed with sparkling gems into it and a solid gold, surrounding the rear and screen, is more expensive than the regular model that cost £600. This novel piece of iPad would be no less than £130,000, and weighs around 2.1Kg.

His website describes the iPad as "A magnificent combination of top of the industry technology and unrivalled craftsmanship was involved in creating this masterpiece". It also added that Hughes found the iPad really outstanding and revealed the most beautiful harmonious appearance of it.

To make such gadgets, sometimes it may even take around six weeks. Hughes designs them by casting moulds in the shape of the gadgets and then, pours it into the gold to complete the procedure.

Hughes has also worked for making luxury phones like diamond-encrusted Blackberry’s, and hilarious game consoles, which was a gold-plated Nintendo Wii "Supreme" pricing £300,000.

The designer has also announced to release some affordable gold-plated versions of their products, at their later stages.