Harmonix Looks at the Future of Rock Band Franchisee

It was seen lately that Harmonix was looking at the future of the Rock Band franchise and was trying to find out what the Rock Band player wanted.

It was noticed that the company was conducting a survey to see whether buyers would be attracted to the Rock Band artist-only title from Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Queen and the Eagles.

The Company was being careful not to stimulate rumors by stating that they would have no deal in place with any of these artists.

It was noticed that the Company had been very successful with the Beatles Rock Band release and wanted to make sure that its next release would have the best chance at replicating the same success.

The next band would be Rock Bad Green Day with some of the most popular songs that work really well for Rock Band and are enjoyed by those that play the game.

It is not easy to decide that which band would come on top and which one would be the next Rock Band artist release. The bands are considered to present a lot of variety in both music and selection.

“This survey isn't a guarantee that Harmonix is going to make games based on any of these bands, but community feedback is and always has been absolutely invaluable to us in determining our focus within the world of Rock Band as we move forward", explained Harmonix.