MetService Says June More Likely for Snowfall

Metservice says that Queenstown is not expected to see a repetition of last year's early snow fall, but NZSki Chief Executive, James Coddington is certain that Coronet Peak will open on Saturday, June 5.

MetService Weather Ambassador, Bob McDavitt said that last year's enormous snow fall in May was extraordinary.

He said that this year will not be rather as out of the normal, so he doubts that there will be much snow cover on the mountains in early June.

He added that a moderate amount of warm air is still approaching from the ocean. However, on Thursday snow was reported in Tasmania. It will take sometime for this climate pattern to voyage across the Tasman Sea, but there is a likelihood that some chilly weather conditions might arrive at the South Island by the end of the week.

He said that mid to late June would be more prone for snowfall.

The estimate of fairly easygoing weather is supported by the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA).

NIWA's seasonal weather viewpoint for May to July for Inland Otago said that temperatures were "likely to be in the average or the above-average category".

Long-range Weather Analyst, Ken Ring supports his climate predictions on the Moon's result on tides and air pressure, taking into consideration the Moon's monthly cycles and its longer recurring cycles of nine to 11 years.