Android Finally Arrives at the New York Times

With The New York Times being amongst the foremost to accept mobile gadgets for news delivery, Apple products and Amazon's Kindle took preference. Now that the Android platform has established its longing to stick around for some time, big brands have started to become aware.

The New York Times has taken a postponed but precedent-setting step towards Android users with its free app. As much as trusted news sources are concerned, only a handful of them have been able to expand their mobile reach, to Android users.

Not astonishingly, The NYTimes app on Android is fairly comparable to the publisher’s iPhone version. You are welcomed with a homepage that carries the top stories, which is complete with sharp headlines and photo icons.

The major dissimilarity between the Android and iPhone editions is the navigation of the app and its communication options.

The NYTimes Android app gathers extra news categories from the menu key, offering rapid access to view, business, finance and even the latest video news.

Content can be shared through email and SMS, with any other supported apps on your Android, such as Twidroid or Facebook.

With minute but helpful custom features, NYTimes could have a home screen that displays headlines for your favored categories, or alerts for latest stories based on keywords.